downloadI’m Sheryl.

I am a Filipino living in Denmark. I am from Manila, Philippines. Prior to coming here in Denmark in 2009, I worked and lived  in Oman and Singapore.  The latter is where I met my now-husband Lars.  We reside in a charming little town where my Viking and I decided to make our first home. I am currently a student at Aarhus University, pursuing a degree in International Communication and Multimedia.  I plan on taking my masters to specialise in the fields of PR  and Communications.People who know me well  describe me as creative, vivacious and driven.

 I love fashion, culture, arts and travel. I am a certified chocoholic, self-confessed shutterbug and an aspiring advertising creative.  I do freelance painting, photography and graphic design. I like  thrift shopping, blogging and playing dress up. I find passion in creating visual stuff. I like doing crafts,DIYs, painting and taking pictures of  just about anything. I enjoy meeting like-minded people from different backgrounds and cultures.


A life full of learning is life well-fulfilled.  Creativity is a way of life!

Why I started this photoblog?

Last October 2012, I got my first  DSLR camera, a Canon 1100D starter kit,  as a present from my husband for my birthday. This photoblog will showcase the photos that I have delightfully taken using my new camera. I want to share how I see the world through my photography.  I hope you enjoy viewing  them  as much as I did taking them.

Any feedback is much appreciated! I would love to hear any tips and advice I can get on improving my techniques. :-)

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  1. Wow you have around the world despite your young age! Looking forward to your posts. :) You have really good shots. :D I am so tempted to buy a DLSR too but everytime I think about its bulk, I can’t help but settle on my trusty pocket superzoom.

  2. Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



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