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Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Resolve definition, to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something).

Once again, just like a lot of people, I made a  list of  good intentions and resolutions. It may sound cliché but there is really something beautiful about wiping the slate clean and starting afresh with promises of new beginnings and new opportunities. It’s so uplifting and comforting  to know that a every new year represents a chance to redeem ourselves and get things right.

I have quite a number of goals for 2013. Among them is to resolve to live and eat healthier with the intention of losing the extra weight. I failed in my previous attempts but I have found a new strategy to stay committed. I have high hopes that this will work this time around.

If you have read my previous entries, I have been following a strict low-carb diet but as expected, it came to a screeching  halt during the holiday season.  As you may know, the temptation of food in December is all too great to resist – moral of the story is to never start a diet plan when Christmas is just around the corner. Anyhow, after gaining back a bit of what I already lost, I am more determined to losing more weight. To motivate me even more to live up to my goals this year, I have made a little competition with some friends, whoever manages to lose the most weight wins. The prize is yet to be determined but the final weigh-in is on the 1st of July. I’ll be posting updates of my progress from time to time. Keep your fingers crossed for me! (-:

So in line with this, I have only been preparing low carb meals and I am always on the prowl for new exciting recipes. The latest one is to die for: Cauliflower Rice. It’s the holy grail for Asian dieters! I can’t believe it’s not rice because it has almost the same consistency and texture. One of the worst thing about low carb diet is having to avoid rice but this discovery will not make me feel deprived again ever. (-:

Here  is a picture of my Fried “Rice” . I added ground pork and some wok greens to go with my cauliflower rice and spinach souffle as a side. It’s so amazing, I can’t stop raving about it. For the recipe inspiration, click here and here.  Enjoy!

Even better than rice

       You’re welcome.

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