1. Great set of pictures…except for the mud one. That one is just too…er, muddy. :) Love the chess one.

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  6. Great shots! I really like the chess board. Note to self, I have got to stop looking at blogs with pics of food when I’m starving! :-D

    • Thanks! Scored the chess board from the thrift shop yesterday :) And yes, I did get hungry too looking at a lot of food porn here from this challenge :D

  7. Some seriously good looking eats there. And it seems you get around on your feet a lot, hehe. Very nice pics. Good lighting.

    • I just went back to see my comment on your post. I actually meant that I needed macro lens in my life lol!

      • Not a real macro lens. I use a Cannon SX40 that has no detachable lens. It has a macro setting which is really picky and hard to use, but it works. I took almost 20 pics of the bee and only got 3 useable ones. A real macro lens would really change all that. The one we want goes for about $800. Yikes! We’re saving our pennies.

      • The macro setting for my starter camera isn’t working to my liking too. I’ve been saving for either zoom lens, macro or wide but I think I’ll go for the macro. And maybe I’ll just wait for my next birthday for the other accessories if I’m lucky :)

      • We’re debating between macro and zoom. We like getting closeups, but at the same time we like birding which requires a long zoom. We can’t afford both at once. For one good lens that stops a lot of trips for taking pictures. *sigh* This is an expensive hobby.

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  9. oh my… i opened up your post during this morning and watched your photo about the foood made me feel so hungry really :-D it seems so delicious to taste that :-D

  10. Food and feet… you are making me hungry, but maybe I should use my feet and go for a walk… Love your photo, The first one looks delicious.

    • Thanks, Lily! :) The first pic is indeed delicious.I love my meat but this vegetarian sandwich is really good :)

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